B e h a v i o r   T r a c k e r

Behavior Tracker is a shareware program which allows researchers to observe, record, edit, view and export behaviors or events using an easy to use interface.

It allows one or more people to monitor one or more subjects' behavior and keep track of the frequency and duration of the behaviors observed as well as when each behavior occurred.

Bellow are a few screenshots and a brief description of how Behavior Tracker works.


You can setup a template/configuration for your project describing the behaviors that you wish to monitor and assign costume keys for each event.

(Clicking on the small screenshot to the left enlarges the images.)

The template can be used to record observed sessions.  In this example, the sleeping patterns of a subject is being monitored.

You can also easily add a tag to each event here to create sub-events.  You can, for example, add a number to a "begin groomed" behavior to denote which animal was doing the grooming.  These tags can also be notes or other references to make tracking easier.

Sessions data can easily be viewed by opening a configuration file which results in a list of corresponding sessions saved in the same directory (or you can browse to what ever directory you wish) to appear on the left handside.

Multiple files/sessions can be opened at the same time to get aggregate information by selecting more than one session in the viewer.

A customizable graph gives you a quick idea of where your results stand.

Best of all, since this is shareware, you don't have to pay until you try it out and decide that it is something you would like to continue using.  And if you do decide to register, you will find the fees surprisingly low.

Below are links to videos demonstrating the four primary parts of the application in action: 

Please note that some screenshots maybe from previous version and now more improved with more options.  For the latest version of the software please go to the "Downloads" page and download your free trial of the BehaviorTracker software.

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