B e h a v i o r   T r a c k e r

A lot of hard work has gone into the making of this software and to bring it to you at such a low price.  Please support shareware and all the work and money that has brought you this program.  Register your copy of Behavior Tracker today.


Editions and registration prices:

Personal Edition:    $149
Individual registration for use by that person only
Site License:          $299
Registered to a lab or organization to be used by any of their employees (up to5 simultaneously running) while employed there
Media Addon for the Personal Edition:    $99
Allows loading of various audio & video formats to record events while playing  a media file.  Stopwatch is synchronized to the media's time allowing jumps to different spots or change of playback speed.*
Media Addon for the Site License:                $199
S ame as the Personal Edition addon but for a site license, allowing up to 5 employees of a site to record events off of media files.

The Personal Edition can be purchased by anyone and grants permission to that buyer to run the software on one machine at any given time.

The Site License version can be purchased by anyone for use in a lab, or organization and grants permission to all employees of the organization the use of the program on up to five machines/users while employed by the organization for which the software was registered.

The Media Addon requires the full program (either Personal Edition or the Site License).

* The media file types and the ability to change playback speed and location of the playback along with time synchronization is dependent on the file format, the codec used to encode the files while it was being recorded, and the installed codecs of the computer being used to play them back on.

If you have media files already encoded in a way that makes some of the functions not work on your playback computer, there are fast media file converters that allows you change the format or "remake" the media without requiring the large amount of time and computing power to re-encode them.  An example of such a software is the AVS Video ReMaker.