B e h a v i o r   T r a c k e r

Behavior Tracker is Shareware and is available for you to download, run, test and make sure that it meets your requirements, functions as you'd like and expect, and works properly on your system before paying for it.  The application will work with limited functionality until it is registered.  The limits are designed to not get in your way of trying out all aspects of the applications.  Before registrations, for example, the number of behavior types you can define or number of observations you can record within a session are limited.  Please note that the limited shareware functionality is provided for demo purposes only and you are required to register the application for normal actual use.

Two license types are available: individual and site license.  Individual licenses grants only the purchaser permission to use the software while site licenses allow up to five users within a lap or site to use the application while they work for the purchasing organization.  Multiple site licenses can be purchased to accommodate labs larger than five users.

The following videos demonstrate the basics of how to use the application:


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