B e h a v i o r   T r a c k e r

Version 1.6

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Configuration & setting up a project template

    Recording / tracking behavior

    Editing recorded sessions

    Viewing the results


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{ Frequently Asked Questions }


What is Behavior Tracker?

Behavior Tracker is collection of several executables designed to work together in order to allow the user to setup a template of the behaviors or events that they wish to track, record & track those events as they happen, and finally view and edit what they have recorded.  The results can be exported in several different methods including Microsoft Excel, Text, Formula One, or as graphs in EMF, WMF, and BMP formats to be used inside other applications.


System Requirements

While this program will likely work fine on slower computers and older Windows operating systems (except RT), it runs on nearly all current versions of Windows and nearly any PC, laptop, or tablet running full version of Windows released since the start of the century. To make sure it runs on your system however, you should download it and try it first before purchasing. 


What is Shareware?

Shareware is a marketing and distribution method.  When you buy commercial software, you have to pay for the product before you have a chance to try it and make sure it is right for you.  Shareware gives you a chance to try the program for the trial duration and then decide to either stop using the program, or pay for it.  Since Shareware programs generally have a much lower overhead, they tend to have much better prices.


Why Register?

If you decide to use this program past the trial period, you are required to pay for it.  Using this program past its trial period without paying the fee for each individual copy that will be used is software piracy.  A lot of hard work has gone into creating this program and more goes into its upkeep and maintenance as well as future upgrades.  The main table of contents on this page has a link to Registration which gives you information on how to register.


Problems & Support

If you have any problems, suggestion or if you feel you have found a bug that we may have missed, please send us an email at Support@BehaviorTracker.com


My username/password does not work

Please note that your username and password are enclosed in 'single quotation marks' when they are sent to you.  The single quotations themselves are NOT part of your username or password.


Links & Websites

  1. www.BehaviorTracker.com is the main website for this application.
  2. ww.BehaviorTracker.com points the ShareIt page hosting this application.
  3. WinSite also hosts this application.



To register visit the registration site at:  www.BehaviorTracker.com/Registration.htm